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2020 Online Member Exhibition


PSNH 15th Annual

Member’s Exhibition

Online to be hosted by

Library Arts Center Gallery, Newport, NH

Web site:

Due to the pandemic, the 2020 Member Show was a virtual online exhibit. We are delighted that the Library Arts Center Gallery in Newport, NH, generously offered to coordinate and advertise the show. They showcased the paintings on their website from June 19 to sometime in December 31. 
The juror for the show was Robert Carsten, a well-known local artist and teacher. His award  picks and comments below. 

Thank you to show chair Paula Fraser for facilitating this lovely show!  


All sales of artwork were subject to a 40% commission on sales made during the exhibition. 



1st Place Award

Keith Demanche | Morning Shadows

Judge Comments:  Succinctly cropped, this stunning landscape is not about a scene as much as it’s about what is seen — the elevation of things somewhat mundane to veritable fascination and wonder. It enlivens our senses. The artist so deftly creates a palpable sense of warming light pervading cold atmosphere. A limited palette and exquisite color contrasts contribute enormously to this painting’s evocative nature. The movement of sloping planes and shadows form marvelous diagonals which are anchored by the counterbalance of the stable, dark trees at left. In my book, this painting has it all.



2nd Place Award

Mary Ann Eldred | Golden Marsh

Judge Comments:  Underlying warmth of sky color contrasts with greens and blues of field and foliage and sets a tonal mood in this painting. Great composition allows the eye to explore every inch yet pulls the eye back in space to its judiciously placed center of interest. The concentration of darkened blue green pines lies on a golden intersection.





3rd Place Award

Elizabeth Craumer | Lengthening Shadows

Judge Comments: Rough, textural qualities of surface and pastel application are complemented by a strong sense of light and rich color in this well-composed and executed scene. The omission of details such as windows, doors, trunks of trees etc. creates a sculpture-like solidity to the forms, and renders this image less specific and powerfully compelling. Great contrasts of color saturation and temperature!



Pastel Award for Landscape

Maggie F. Smith | My Side of the Lake

Judge Comments: Strong design and spirit of location are exceptionally integrated in this captivating painting. Elements are well positioned and scaled within its square-ish format and the artist creates a zigzagging pathway for the eye to meander from foreground to background. Warm undertones in the middle distance hold interest as do masterful variations in form shapes and edges.

The Landscape in Pastel Award is given to a traditional landscape painting which exemplifies the basic elements of Design, Composition, and Spirit of location. This award is given by Judy McKenna who wants to encourage and acknowledge exceptional landscape painting.


Pastel Award for Portraiture (& People's Choice!)

Patricia Schappler | The Guardian

Judge Comments: With its frontal pose and triangular design, this powerful portrait speaks volumes about its subject. Top lighting serves to delineate expressive qualities within th e sitter’s hands and face that are simply mesmerizing. Subtle variations in the pose relieve any overly symmetrical qualities and subtle colors and textures of the robe reference the background. Overall, a masterful portrait.

This award is given for excellence in portraiture. A painting of a person or group of people that captures personality of the subject using effective lighting, backdrops and poses. Thanks to Marilyn Bok for her generous donation.

PSNH Award One

Maryann Mullett | Froggie Yoga

Judge Comments: An exceptional work of art, this intriguing close-up bears witness that intimate views of nature can be as engaging as any panoramic scene. An acute sensitivity to color value and temperature differentiates wet and dry areas on the pads and spectacularly renders parts of the frog both under and above water.  The sensation of wetness of its skin and the viscosity of the water’s surface is remarkable. 

PSNH Awards are given by the judge, using his discretion for pieces that distinctly catch his eye.



PSNH Award Two

Terri Brooks | Winslow

Judge Comments: The mottled, warm/cool colors of the background are value similar, creating an admirable foil for the more differentiated temperatures, values and saturated colors on the model. Fabulous expression!  The artist skillfully captures mood and temperament in this tonal, animal portrait. There’s just enough mark-making to express the fur without it appearing unnecessarily detailed.

PSNH Awards are given by the judge, using his discretion for pieces that distinctly catch his eye.


"Hole-in-One" Award

Karen Audouin | Joyful Spring

Judge Comments: In color and placement of shapes, the compositional idea of this painting is quite becoming. Pronounced mark-making, contours and value contrasts of the foreground bushes are nicely juxtaposed against softer contrasts of lines in the fence, background foliage and immediate foreground. The center of interest is clear and uncontested.

The Hole-in-One Award is given to an early artist who hasn’t had the thrill of being chosen for an award yet. It is given by Sally Shea in honor of her husband Tim. Tim was a avid golfer who was able to get 2 holes-in-one during his lifetime. Luck, Skill, Fluke-who knows?!–but the thrill of the accomplishment is and will always be HUGE.

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