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2023 18th Annual Member Exhibition

It is our pleasure to share with you this year's member exhibition! Our show in Peterborough at the Monadnock  Center for History & Culture. We divided the judging into 2 categories, Member and Signature Circle.  We felt that to truly promote the work of new members, we wanted to create more opportunity for recognition and prizes to encourage active pursuit of the medium.   

Acknowledgements: We would like to express our appreciation to our Juror of Awards, Tom Bailey.  He judged the show in person and took such great care in selecting this year's winners. Special Thanks also goes to the donors of some of our prizes: Judy McKenna, Sally Shea, & Marilyn Bok, and Tom Bailey. This show would not have come together without the efforts of our show chair Paula Fraser (and her appropriately named husband: Art!) and her assistants, Peggy & Michelle who helped hang the show, and to Bernadette Quirk for facilitating & narrating the Paint Around.

The opening was well attended many award winners present. The Paint Around was a joy to watch and ended up raising nearly $900 donated to the venue.  Thanks to our participating artists: Lisa Regopoulos, Keith Demanche, Joelle Feldman, & Ann Gillespe. Special Thanks to Lisa's husband Spyleos for filming the paint around. 

And the Winners Are...

Spring Fury by Allison Krajcik

Best of Show

This powerful pastel grabs you from across the room and pulls you in, demanding that you do more than just 'look"; you are invited to viscerally experience all it offers as if you are right there at the falls. You can almost hear the roaring falls and feel the glowing sun.

There is a clear focal point with an unfolding array of other worthy attractions to discover along the way. Allison has captured the vibrant movement and relentless energy of the cascading water but also creates a gentle harmony with the grounded strength of the sunlit rocks. Edges, light, color, temperature and textures are masterfully crafted together to distill a complex scene into an evocative story. All the creative and skillful techniques combine seamlessly to make this a painting worth revisiting for years.

~Tom Bailey

People's Choice Award

President's Message

The Votes have been tallied!

And we have a tie!

2023 People Choice Awards

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by Maryann Mullet


Red Canoe by

Terri Brooks


17th Annual Member Exhibition PSNH

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