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Pastel Society of New Hampshire Policies and Procedures


Dues: dues are currently determined to be $35 for individual, $50 for sponsor, and anything more for benefactor status.

If someone pays after the 18th of November of any given year, they will be considered paid through the following year. Members will receive a thirty-day reminder to renew dues. The 30-day reminder will be sent on or about February 1st that advises members that their member's privileges will be dropped unless dues are paid within 25 days. Upon payment of dues, member's privileges will be reinstated. Anyone needing an exception can request such approval from the President.


When appropriate, and at the discretion of the President and Treasurer, scholarship money is available for any member whose situation prevents him or her from being able to pay dues.

General Membership:
Anyone paying dues is a general member in good standing.

Benefits of Members:

  • Networking with other pastel artists and supporters of pastel in and around the state of New Hampshire, and promoting, sharing and learning about the pastel medium in a creative environment.

  • Quarterly newsletter, which is full of information about pastels, exhibits, workshops, grant opportunities, Society news and members' news.

  • Quarterly Membership meetings, which include demonstrations, guest speakers, critique sessions, painting workshops, and discussions of art-related topics.

  • Exhibition opportunities in an annual Members Show and an annual Juried Exhibition.

  • Showcase of Members pastel paintings on our Website, displaying two works per artist.

  • Members' discount on Workshops given by nationally recognized pastel artists.

  • Links to other pastel societies and their members through membership in the International Association of Pastel Societies.

  • Memberships are for one year and run through the calendar year (January 1 - December 31).

Membership Lists:
The PSNH membership mailing list will be used solely for PSNH related business. No other use is permitted without special approval from the Board of Directors. A statement to this effect should appear at the bottom of all emails sent to the membership.

Signature Membership:
A member in good standing may apply to become a Signature Member after earning 10 points from the following categories:

The earning of points is retroactive to 2009.

  • Best of (PSNH Juried) Show (includes jury into show pt.)    . . . . . . . . . 5 points

  • Second place (PSNH Juried) Show (includes jury into show pt.)  . . . . 4 points

  • Third place (PSNH Juried) Show (includes jury into show pt.)    . . . . . 3 points

  • Any Award (PSNH Juried) Show (includes jury into show pt.)    . . . . . 2 points

  • Juried into Annual PSNH Juried Show      . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1 point

  • Best in PSNH Members Show      . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1 point

  • Juried into another National Pastel Show    . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1 point

          (Includes Pastel Journal top 100)

Signature Member applicants must apply for Signature Membership.
The applicant must keep records and send copies of all documentation of all earned points to the Vice President who will be responsible for Pastel Society of NH Signature Member record keeping.
The applicants must be members of the Pastel Society of NH while earning all points.

The applicant must have served on the PSNH Board or have been a chair or co-chairperson of a committee for at least two years before becoming eligible to gain Signature Membership. PSNH members that are also members of other IAPS governed societies that have served on the Board or a committee of that member society for two years are exempt from having to serve on the PSNH Board or committee. Proof of service with a member society must be signed by a member of that society's executive board and mailed in with all other documents.
Once approved they must remain members in good standing to maintain Signature Memberships.

Benefits of Signature Members:
May use the initials "NHPSA (NH Pastel Society Signature Artist) on their art work, publications, and biographies as long as they remain a member in good standing.
May organize and participate in show only for Signature Members.
May display additional artwork on the Pastel Society of NH's website in the "Signature Circle Members" section.
May receive a discount for application fees for some PSNH shows.

Responsibilities of Signature Members:
Promote pastel painting, mentor and assist newer members
Participate in a demo or presentation for a members meeting.
Offer critique at paint-outs or PSNH functions
Organize and participate in Signature Members Show.

B. Board of Directors Duties and Meetings

The Board of Directors will be comprised of the following:
PSNH Officers and Executive Committee: President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and a Member-At-Large.
Board meetings will include: Directors and PSNH Committee Chairperson(s): Exhibitions, Hospitality, Membership, Outreach, Newsletter, Programs, Publicity, Web Administrator, and Workshop.
Meetings are open to all members as non-voting attendees.

Board Voting Procedures:  All Board business will ideally be conducted at a meeting where a quorum is present. However, there will be instances where procedural matters need to be addressed in between meetings. In those cases, the President is authorized to communicate with Board members by email, telephone, or other means and obtain a vote on the matter. Committee Heads should forward the information and request for a non-meeting vote to the President, who will then contact the members of the Board, receive their votes, and report to the Board on the results. Major issues, including contract ratifications and significant budgetary modifications, must be voted on at a Board meeting and not by using a non-meeting voting procedure. All votes will be forwarded to the Secretary for record keeping.

Contracts:  All contracts and/or future commitment for funds must be approved by the Board (not individual members, Officers, Committee Members, or Committee Heads), regardless whether the funds for that expenditure are in the approved budget. All documents for contracts and/or future commitment for funds will be signed only by the President, with the original being kept by the Secretary and copies sent to the President and Treasurer.

Annual Meeting:  As part of the process in getting ready for the Annual Meeting, the president will send out the duties to all the chairmen and request that they read over the duties and make any changes if necessary. The Committee Chairs must return duties changed or not to the Vice President who will update the Policies and Procedures accordingly.

C. Committee Chairs - Duties and Procedures

Committee Chairs will call meetings of their respective committee to discuss all items pertinent to their committee. The call to meeting will be sent also to the President, who is an ex-officio member of the committee. Committee Chairs will report directly to the President, all business pertaining to their respective committee's meetings, duties and accomplishments. All reports should be copied to the President. When a committee chair has an agenda item for a regular or a special meeting of the Board or for a membership meeting, that agenda item will be communicated to the President to be put on the agenda. All Committee Chairs are expected to attend Board and Members meetings and prepare reports for board meeting. The Chairs and their committee members' duties follow.


Chairperson(s) are responsible for all aspects of the Members Show and the Juried Show. They work with the President to get all necessary jurors and investigate venues for next year(s) show(s).
For both shows:

  1. Maintain contact information

  2. Coordinate with Treasurer for all checks submitted and to be paid

  3. Maintain and send information to Publicity, Website, and Newsletter

  4. Receive Registration forms by the deadline, create registry of artists, price list, judge's worksheet and contact list

  5. Will send a list of all the art work to Insurance Company 2 weeks prior to opening

  6. Purchase certificates and folders

  7. Purchase and Print labels for the artwork, mailing labels

  8. Design and print Award labels

  9. Coordinate volunteers for: Delivery, Hanging and Pickup

  10. Develop poster invitation for show

  11. Hand out awards at Opening Reception or mail to receiving artists who did not attend the reception

  12. Compile juror comments for awards or arrange to have it done

  13. Email status reports to Exhibit committee Members

  14. Responsible for installation of shows Assign responsibilities for soliciting awards

  15. Assign responsibilities for soliciting awards if needed

  16. Update bio book

  17. Submit expenses to Treasurer

Members Show:

  1. Draft email for a "Save the date" notice to members

  2. Update registration form with date due, gallery, juror, and delivery information

  3. Send letter to participants with exhibit information and necessary tags, etc.

  4. Coordinate with Membership to validate that all entrants are current with dues

  5. Send entry fee checks and award checks to Treasurer

Juried Show:

  1. Contact Board selected on-line company

  2. Update prospectus and post prospectus to web and selected on-line company

  3. Print and Mail prospectus to members and anyone requesting one

  4. Prepare Notice for posting on PSNH website

  5. Maintain contact information for Vendors and Solicit Awards

  6. Maintain Awards Listing--post to website

  7. Update Solicitation of Awards Letters for contributors

  8. Assign responsibilities for soliciting awards

  9. Mail thank you letters to supporters

  10. Arrange for shipping agent to receive and return shipped works

  11. Maintain registration list and contact information

  12. Delivery of Paintings to Portsmouth

  13. Update acceptance and rejection form letters

  14. Send letters to members and artists if necessary


The committee is responsible for the selection, purchase, serving, and pick-up of refreshments at members meetings and opening receptions for our shows. The committee is also responsible for consumable products such as paper tablecloths, napkins, cups, plates, serving utensils, as well as any required centerpieces.


Receive membership applications
Keep a current list of member personal information

  • Address

  • Phone number(s)

  • Email address

  • Web site

  • Listing preference (information not wanted public is printed in red)

  • Additional notes provided (including volunteer choices)

  • Type of membership

  • Individual

  • Sponsor

  •  Patron

  • Amount of money received

New or renewal member

  • Send appropriate member information to Newsletter chair

  • Send/give monies collected to Treasurer

  • Respond to any calls and emails made by membership

  • Forward any Pastel Society of NH messages (show/workshop notices and reminders, etc.) to the general membership that any Committee Chairs or President requests to be sent. Use "Pastel Society of NH" in the subject line. Use message "Do not reply to the sender, reply to..." at the beginning and use our disclaimer:  You are receiving this message because you joined the Pastel Society of New Hampshire.
     We will respect your privacy by only using your email address for Pastel Society of New Hampshire business.

  • Send original notices (not reminders) on our letterhead by mail to those who do not have email addresses. Note: You may need to talk to your server to be able to mail out to 100+ addresses.

  • Beginning in November, start collecting dues for the next year. Payment notices need to be put into the newsletter, etc.

  • Letter to non-renewed members sent beginning of February updated from last year

  • Send out the excel sheet to the Board by March 1st. Keep the President updated when get new or renewed members by sending out the excel list


The committee is responsible for preparing the newsletter and emailing it to all members. The Newsletter Chair may serve as a backup to the Membership Chair if s/he is not available to send out a notice.


Arrange for members to host paint-outs
Arrange for paint-ins with help from other Board members, investigate and arrange for outreach programs to be done with the general public.
When arranging for a paint-out/in, send the information as well as directions to the president, newsletter chair and the website administrator. The newsletter and website chairs will publicize it to the membership.
Providing demos to the public
Providing docent lead tours for school groups for the national juried show


It is the responsibility of the Program Chairman to locate and secure locations for the general meetings for the Pastel Society of New Hampshire (PSNH). The Chairman is also charged with the development of an entertaining and art-appropriate agenda for each of these meetings, after the business portion of the meetings has taken place. There are approximately four general meetings per year.


Write up, send, and verify call for entries in Pastel Journal prior to the Juried Show. Also, place notices for workshops we are sponsoring.
Put call for entries in the NH council for the arts e-clips and other on-line art sites.
Write and send press releases and images of entries to newspapers and web sites for PSNH shows.
Contact and get advertising and publicity into Board approved art magazines , websites, and social media.

Web Administrator:

The committee is responsible for maintaining and updating the Pastel Society of NH's web site including the following:
Index: Post Letter from the President and upcoming events.
Meetings & Events: Provide dates, place, time and directions as well as supporting information and applications.
Members Gallery: Add new members and display two photos of their work. Provide guidance for format and sizing requirements to assist submission requests. No pricing is allowed.
Artist of the Month: features four images of their work as well as the bio and Artists statement. Website may be added.
Signature Members Circle: features a listing of all Signature Members with links from each artist's name to a separate page featuring the artist info and four images.
Update Member News: as submitted, two sentence maximum, no photos in this section
Check web mail answering appropriate requests and assisting requests requiring some "hand holding".
Assign Email addresses for new officers as needed.
Move old events into the Archive Section.
Interact with Treasurer for all web site billing questions


Arrange with outstanding artist to be our Workshop Leader
Receive and answer contacts from workshop applicants
Maintain Registrations and Collect fees from registered artists and send to Treasurer.
Assist in arrangements for workshop leader: budget, travel arrangements, hotel, etc.
Write publicity and notices about workshops and forward to Membership Chair for distribution to members and to other pastel organizations.
Report to President and Board.
Summarize the outcome of workshops (how many attended, income vs. expenses, etc.)
If attending a workshop, assist in organizing the day.
If workshop leader is presenting a Power Point, help to facilitate the event: ordering equipment, helping with publicity
Participants may reserve a spot in a workshop by paying a $50 registration fee. Half of the total fee (less $50) must be paid by 45 days before the start of the workshop. The balance is due one week prior to the start of the workshop.
Members will be offered a reduction of $25 of the registration fee for early registration

D. Monetary Procedures

Budget: Each fall, the Treasurer will prepare, with the guidance and input from each of the Committees, a detailed annual budget of anticipated revenues and expenses for the following calendar year. This projected annual budget will be approved by the Board at a Board meeting and subsequently by the Membership at the annual meeting. During the subsequent year, each Committee will be able to expend those specific funds in keeping with the approved budget. This annual budget serves as a guideline of expenses for the subsequent year and it is understood that, as a working organization, there maybe fluctuations or changes. The President may instruct the Treasurer to pay invoices that exceed budget guidelines within a limit of $100.00. Changes above $100.00 or determined to be major by the President and Treasurer must be approved by the Board.

An auditor/accountant will check the books at the end of the year. A receipt must accompany all requests for reimbursement.

E. Amendment Procedures

Proposed amendments to the By-Laws and Policy and Procedures will be presented and discussed by the Board. They will be sent to the Board a week in advance of the meeting.

F. Exhibitions

There will be two shows sponsored by the Pastel Society of NH each year: A non-juried members show and a juried national show.

Costs: The entrance fees for each show will be determined by the Board.

Scholarships: are available for workshops for PSNH members and residents of New Hampshire. The financial structure is as follows: the first $100.00 of the workshop is paid by the recipient, the balance is covered by the scholarship. The scholarship committee will consist of three revolving Board members with one carry over from the previous year that will chair the committee. There is a standard application form, which is updated for each workshop. All applications are reviewed by the Scholarship Committee. The names of the scholarship applicants and recipients are to be kept confidential.

Commissions: PSNH will collect the commission fee and will pay the venue the agreed upon percentage. The remainder of the commission fee will be deposited in the PSNH treasury. The normal commission fee to be collected is 40% and will be adjusted if the venue charges more than that.

G. Awards
Awards may be given at the Annual Meeting. Categories used in the past are as follows: the President's Award--given to the non-Board member who has made extra special effort throughout the year; the Director's Award--given to the Board Member who has gone above and beyond for the Society.

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