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​Members Gallery

Looking for New Art for the Member Gallery! 

PSNH members in good standing are encouraged to have their pastel paintings featured in the Member's Gallery. Images may be changed quarterly. To participate submit two jpeg images to web administrator in the following format:

  • .jpg

  • Please ID with your name and title of painting
    (Ex: JaneDoe-MountainVista.jpg)

Send to Web Administrator: Susanne Larkham

Members also get first notification of and discounts on Workshops. 

'The Current Discount codes are:

Day Pass Pastel Retreat: PSNH-Member
Alexia Rossoff Wilber Workshop: PSNH_ARW20
Keith Demanche Plein Air Workshop: PSNH_KD

Ann Strutz Workshop: PSNH_AS$25

For the Autum in NH Pastel Set: PSNHSAVE15
For the Summer Summit Views Set: PSNH_Save10

Current ​Member Roster

Debra Accardi

Barbara Adams

Rhonda Alden
Andrew Anderson-Bell
Lyn Asselta

Karen Audouin

Lisa Aulbach

Lily Baddour
Martha Barrett-Smith

Elizabeth Begley
Heather Belanger

Kate Bergquist
Marcia Blakeman

Sharon Boisvert-Macentee
Marilyn Bok

Anyes Borden
Heidi Botnick
Thomas W. Bradley
Terri Brooks

Jane Brzozowski
Polly Cain
Christine Chisholm

Cheryl Christian

Debra Codd

Betsy Payne Cook

Carol Corliss

Betsy Craumer

Barbara Danser
Anne Debenedictis
Suzanne deLesseps
Keith Demanche
Linda Dessaint
Petrice Didominic

Janice Dodier
Paula Dorr
Joan Dreicer
Carolyn Edwards

Susan Edwards
Mary Ann Eldred
Wolfgang Ertl

Barbara Farchione
Joelle M. Feldman
Jeff Fioravanti

John Forcucci
Paula Fraser
Elinor Freedman

Debbie Frisella
Robin Frisella

Ann Gillespie

Jeri Greenberg



Annie Halvorsen
Jacqueline Hanson

Elaine Hardman

Robin Herbert
Barbara Holmes

Karen Israel
Norma Johnsen
Laura Winn Kane

Vineeta Kapoor
Annie Kay

Charlene Knight

Cristine Kossow

Allison Krajcik

Mary Anne Laning
Susanne Larkham
Madeline LaRose

Jan Ledoux
Shuk Susan Lee
Laurie Levesque
Mena Levit
Deborah Locke
Debra Luoma

Carolyn Machell

Sandy Machell

Claudia Maciel

Laetitia Macos


Elizabeth McGurk
Judy McKenna

Jeanne McKinney
Donna Mercer

Diane Taylor Moore

Mary Moore
Mary Beth Morrison
Maryann Mullett
Gwen Nagel

Sherri Nordhaus

Lisa Nugent

Sandra O'Brien
Sara Oseasohn
Gary Ozias
Richard Paik
Joni Parker-Roach

Leanne Parr
Ellen M. Pelletier

Heidi Pettigrew

Cynthia Pierson

Sarah Pillsbury
Iris Pimentel
Cynthia Powell

Larissa Powers Fuqua
Deborah Prince Smith

Bernadette Quirk
Lisa Regopoulos
Chris Reid

Ruth Rinard

Cindy Rodday

Donna Roy

Edward Rushbrook

Debra Samia

Patricia Schappler
Barbara Scott
Sally Gordon Shea

Maggie Smith
Jeanne Smith-Cripps

Maureen Spinale
Michael Stan

Audrey Stuart

David Taylor

William Tibbs

Donna Theodossiou

Katrina Thorstensen
Gill Truslow
Peggy Van Valkenburgh

Susan Wadsworth

Corinne Walker
Margie West

Carol-Ann Wernoch

PS Willey

Stephanie Williams
Dorothy Winchell
Sasha Wolfe

Hello PSNH!

     If you are new to our organization, we welcome you and are happy you’re here! We have all levels of painters, and all levels of activities and opportunities available. If you need information, check the website. We are also on social media and you can follow us on Instagram and Facebook for the latest news and events. We are a member of IAPS, the International Association of Pastel Societies and you have benefits as a member of PSNH with IAPS. Returning members, thank you for renewing early. If you have not renewed, please do so via the Shop! We exist for the benefit of all our members, so please let me know if you have any suggestions or comments.
     There are several board positions open- we are in the process this year of updating the position descriptions to clearly describe responsibilities and privileges. All these changes require a quorum vote by the board, and all jobs will be updated after the next board meeting.

     On to the fun parts: SAVE these dates! and go to the website to read detailed descriptions of these events-they are all on the website.

June 21-24th 3–4-day member retreat in Jackson NH-this is something we haven’t been able to do the last few years and this one promises to be memorable. Lisa Regopoulos will be doing demos and helping us locate places to paint. We will also be visiting Jackson Art Studio, and Jackson Historical Society. Please read the details to understand why this is an unusual opportunity and why the timing of the retreat is
serendipitous. We are also allowing some members to come and paint with us who won’t be required to stay at the Wildcat Inn.
Sept 17th 1 day workshop with Keith Demanche in New Castle NH. Have you wanted to try plein air but felt intimidated by the whole process? This is for you.
Oct 27-29th a three day workshop with Anne Strutz at the Kittery Community Center, Maine. This is in conjunction with the opening of our National Show in Portsmouth and will be on the website soon.

We love to have paint-outs and will roll those out as the weather improves. If you have a beautiful place and would like to co-host a paint-out with us, we can do logistics.

If you feel ready for Signature Status and would like to apply, please see the website for that information. It is a prestigious and recognized credential. Signature artists, please have a look at the website to update your artist page. This is an opportunity for you. We also want fresh artwork for the members’ online gallery: look under the Members tab on the website for details.

Lastly, we have a beautifully hand curated set of Unison pastels, also available with a member discount, on the website, Summer Summit Views. Check it out.

2023 is looking good from here. I hope to see many of you in person this year. Happy Painting!

Annie Halvorsen


President's Message

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