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​Members Only--Art Display Rental


+ Per calendar year a member may reserve system for

(2) weekend shows -or- (1) 10-14 day show.

+ Artist/member/renter must sign a contract that any damage incurred to any part of the display system must be replaced at the Artist’s cost and order a replacement through Pro Panel.

+ Artist/member/renter must store the system until the next renter/venue picks it up. Must be stored in a DRY area/not a musty basement. If artist does not have adequate accommodations for storage it is their responsibility to find a suitable place/alternative person to store it.


+ RENTAL Fees: $100 for weekend show

$250 for 10-14 day show

+ Artist/member/renter must provide their own tent. Display system not to be used outside unless under a tent.

+ First come/first serve. If two or more artists wish to reserve the same date, an artist who has not yet rented in the same calendar year will have priority.

Additional rules can be added as necessary.


We are pleased to announce a new PSNH Member Perk for 2022 and forward! We have acquired a set of art display panels for use in either an outdoor or indoor show complete with lighting and hangers. 

Members in good standing are able to request to reserve these per the rules and guidelines delineated below. 

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