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Signature Circle Gallery

PSNH SCM: Lisa Shattuck-Regopoulos

When Realism meets Impressionism in pastel, that’s where the excitement begins for Massachusetts artist Lisa Regopoulos. That’s how she likes to paint. It need not be a specific object, but a strong shape or pleasing color harmony combined with movement and texture that get transformed into an impressionistic pastel.  First impressions of a scene, life in real time, the beauty of the now are the moments she wants to capture. That is why plein air painting excites her most. Her plein air work is fresh and evokes the feeling of whatever is happening at that moment in time. It’s that emotion in her pastels that engages her viewers, causing them to linger and begging them to share in that feeling.


Her enthusiasm for pastel and plein air painting has led her to learn from some of the nation’s best Artists in pastel, watercolor and oil

at the Plein Air Convention and the IAPS Convention in Albuquerque, NM.

Working in pastel and teaching her students this versatile medium are two of her greatest passions. She has worked in the medium for twenty years and has seen incredible growth after becoming a full-time artist when her daughter entered college four years ago. Her commitment to teaching began nearly a decade ago, conducting small private classes in her home, and has evolved over the years to weekly classes at her studio in Ashby, MA, to workshops and demonstrations all over the New England Region.


Lisa will be leading a plein air workshop in Umbria, Italy in May 2019 at the La Romita School (

and is actively pursuing teaching workshops across the USA.


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