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Signature Circle Gallery

PSNH SCM: Barbara Scott

Artist Bio

As an award-winning artist, Barbara Scott’s paintings have been juried in local, regional, national and international shows. Scott’s work focuses on the use of light and shadow, the beauty of nature and the human form. Her pastel and oil paintings feature a realistic quality that bring her landscape, seascape, figurative and portraiture work to life. Barbara is a member of several local art associations including the Pastel Society of America and a Signature Member of the Pastel Society of NH. Barbara accepts commission work.

Artist Statement

 I love working with color and light. I constantly learn something new each time I paint. New Hampshire is blessed with an abundance of natural settings. Each season demonstrates vitality in an ever-changing mood through color and light.  I try to capture these qualities and reflect the magnificence of nature in my work.

I enjoy working on commissioned portraits in pastel or oil. I am fascinated with the human spirit which I believe is reflected in the face.

I get a real sense of accomplishment when I create a life-like quality in my work.

Telephone: 603-434-4799   *  Web Site:  *  Email:


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