Programs & Enrichment

As part of your membership, we aim to provide opportunities that will both enrich and enlighten your pastel pursuits. From plein-air paint outs in and around the beautiful state of NH & greater New England to technique demos to seeking out people to guest lecture on pertinent topics. 

If you have an idea to share, please reach out to Bernadette Quirk, Programs Chair at


Alla Prima Portrait Interactive Zoom Demo with Julia Maddalina

Screenshot (130).png

Alla Prima Portrait using General's Charcoal Products"

An Evening with Julia Maddalina, General Pencil Company

Julia will be demonstrating a range of drawing techniques from effectively laying in the structure to the finer details of the portrait.  This will be a paint/draw along with Julia.  Reference photo will be provided by Julia to all will who pre-register. Please look at Julia's beautiful portrait work on her website:

Date: October 19th (Wednesday) at 6pm
Who Can Attend: Up to 25 current members of PSNH
Cost: $10
Buy now: Through our Shop

Supply list:
557 Charcoal Pencils, HB Hard, 2B Medium, 4B Soft

558 White Charcoal Pencil
Pan Pastel Black W/ Soft Knife (I use the triangle shaped one but it's up to personal preference) OR - 957-4B-BP (General's Compressed Charcoal Sticks)

BM-2 Pen Style Eraser
GBS-18 (Black 18 eraser) (great on toned paper)

Misc. materials:
Gray toned Paper - I use Grey or Tan strathmore sketchbook paper a lot of the time. (As long as it's smooth and mid-value toned you can use whatever you want!! Even painting a board with a grey and sanding it will work!)
Paper Towel (Viva is what I use but play with other types for other textures)
Dry flat brush, medium size & a Tortillon