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2018 It's Pastel!

PSNH 10th National Juried Show

Dates: October 20 to November 24, 2018
Location: Discover Portsmouth Center
10 Middle Street
Portsmouth, NH 03801


Juror of Selection: Lisa Ober
Juror of Awards: Jeanne R. Smith

Best of Show: Summer's End  by Laurinda O'Conner
     "A beautiful, suggestive abstraction of a landscape. Juicy colors, soft, bold confidence. This painting’s strong design makes it the perfect balance of detail and abstraction, warm and cool, simple and complex."             --Jeanne Rosier Smith

2nd Place: Evening on the Dunes by Christine Bodnar

     "Gorgeous color and knockout design make this a winner. Those bold oranges pull us in to enjoy the subtle darks and luminous snow shadows."                       --Jeanne Rosier Smith

3rd Place: Just Being Koi  by Eileen Casey

     "This is an utterly compelling use of pattern and color to create a sense of vibrant moving fish in cold dark water. For such a complicated scene, we might have expected more detail, but the artist’s confident mark-making makes this a masterpiece of suggestion."                    --Jeanne Rosier Smith

Lisa Ober Juror Award: After the Rain  by Tamara Amarosa

Jack Richeson & Co. Award:  Tracery  by Kate Berquist

Jack Richeson & Co Award: Stepping Off Road  by Tom Bailey

Jack Richeson & Co. Award: Canyon Fenceline  by Bethany Fields


Jack Richeson & Co. Award: Rear Wheel  by Dave Kaphammer

Jack Richeson & Co. Award: That June Morning  by Donna Rosetti Bailey


Connecticut Pastel Society Award: Stepping Out  by Betsy Payne Cook

Chartpak/Koh-I-Noor Award: 6 A.M. Brewster Beach  by Terri Brooks

Chartpak/Koh-I-Noor Award: Double Bass Scrolls  by Cristine Kossow 

Rembrandt by Royal Talens Award: Autumn Interlude by Suzanne de Lesseps

Unison Award: Poppies and Wheat  by Joelle Feldman

Airfloat Systems Award: Rocky  by Z. L. Feng

Terry Ludwig Award: Grace II  by Ann Gillespie

Cheap Joe's Award: TheChain (Life) by Jeff Fioravanti

Guerrilla Painter/UART Award: Still Inside  by Jeri Greenberg

Guerrilla Painter/UART Award: Birdnest No. 21  by Laetitia Macos

Pastel Painters Society of Cape Cod Award: Afternoon Light  by Sandra Kavanaugh

Pan Pastel Award: New England Nor'Easter  by Judy McKenna

Holbein Award: Liquid Kaleidoscope  by Deb Luoma

Holbein Award: Profiles  by Janet Schwartz

Blick Art Materials Award: Before the Slaw  by Maryann Mullet

Ampersand Award: Winter Comfort  by Lisa Regopoulos

Pastel Society of America Award: Master of the Double Bass  by William Schneider

Great American Art Works Award: Evening Glow  by Maureen Spinale

Pastel Painters of Maine Award: Midwinter Afternoon  by Katrina Thorstensen

Diane Townsend People's Choice Award:  Poppy Seed Breeze  by Patricia Munsey

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