2020 Joint Member Show PSNH & VT 

Initial Twin State

Member Exhibition!


Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Ctr

1 Medical Center Dr. Lebanon,NH 03756

Dates: January 16th - June 26, 2020

The pickup of our artwork at the Dartmouth-Hitchcock Hospital will be


Friday, June 26, 2020.


We are NOT allowed to enter the hospital so this will not be a business as usual pickup. Here are our instructions: 

We are in need a few volunteers from PSNH to help pick up the paintings, to alleviate long waiting times, and to avoid too many people gathering at once. If you are available to help, please email Lisa at lregopoulosfineart@gmail.com and/or text her at 978-400-1151, to figure out a time slot that works for you. The times will be spread per hour beginning at 10:30 a.m. Lisa would REALLY appreciate your help. If you absolutely need to come to pick up your own painting, you will need to email me so I can fit you into a time slot. If you belong to both societies, please let me know if I need to add your painting to the PSNH pick up. 


The gallery coordinator, Marianne Barthel, will be bringing the paintings to the entrance. The paintings will need to be wrapped AFTER they are brought outside, so if you are volunteering, please bring wrap, tape, boxes, blankets, etc. to wrap the paintings you are taking. We will try to have this run as smoothly as possible but please understand there may be some waiting involved. Please have a mask and practice social distancing at check out.

Thank you all very much for your patience during the pandemic colliding with our exhibition! 

Awards Judge: Mary Iselin

Mary is a professional artist whose paintings are luminous and filled with light. Iselin is represented by 3 Pears Gallery in Dorset VT ; The Mill Brook Gallery in Concord, NH; Vermont Artisans in Brattleboro, VT; Creative Encounters in Keene, NH; and Sunapee Landing Art Gallery in Sunapee, NH. www.maryiselinfineart.com

Judge’s Note:  Thank you for the honor of inviting me to judge this show. I must say, it is probably the most difficult exhibit I have ever had to judge, simply because the quality and professionalism of the work is so high. After several delightful hours of agonizing in front of the paintings, I went home and rehashed all my decisions, and am still at it the next morning. Many of these paintings could have received multiple awards. The Juror’s Choice Award, in particular, went back and forth between the same two paintings at least fifty times. (This is not usually like me at all! But these paintings are just so good!) And I needed to create two small, extra, special awards, because two of the pieces stopped me in my tracks every time I passed them, continually, all afternoon. Finally, I am going with my gut. I was down to half-a-percent difference in many categories. And all judging is, by necessity, finally a subjective process. Thank you again for your trust. --Mary Iselin

Prizes: Prizes were awarded to participants from both societies. The winners were announced at the reception on Thursday evening, January 16th, 2020. However, The People’s choice award will be announced at the culmination of the show!

Prize categories... Please click trhough the gallery above for these winners along with the judges comments. 

Luminous Landscape: Wendy Soliday (VPS) – Meandering

Reflective Waterscape: Patti Braun (VPS) – Sunrise Illuminations

Lively Still Life: Laetitia Macos (PSNH) – Subdued Nest

Figuratively Speaking: Gill Truslow (PSNH) – People’s Pint

Abstractly Appealing: Deedee Jones (VPS) – New York State of Mind

Totally Tonal: Katrina Thorstensen (VPS & PSNH) – Midwinter Afternoon

Colorfully Crafted: Gill Truslow (PSNH) – Rhythms in the Rain

Lovely Lines: Chris Reid (PSNH) – Allegro

Shapely and Edgy: Keith Demanche (PSNH)- Taking the Long Way Home

Touchingly Textural: Leslie Heathcote (VPS) – Jersey Cow “Betsy”

Judge’s Choice: Lisa Regopolis (PSNH) – When Snow Falls

Judge’s Notable Award: Sharon Boisvert (PSNH) -- Millyard Sunset