Featured Artist of the Month


Joelle Feldman

Artist Statement

Light, alignment, vibrant color and simplicity define my work. I find great joy in a full range of subjects sharing an intensity of light and saturation of color. From the intense, sun-permeated colors of Provence, to the moist blue-green values of New England, I discover the vibrancy, subtlety and shadow that nature may offer at a given moment. I also delight in the form, texture and color found in every day objects. My work is always evolving as I discover new ways to experiment with the pastel medium, watercolors and oils.


Artist Biography

Joelle was born and raised in Normandy, France and returns every year to visit family and friends and rediscovers the endless supply of inspiring scenes, each begging to be painted. Inspiration is also abundant in her adopted New England home, where the coast of Maine, orchards of Massachusetts and charming architecture are welcoming to any artist.


Joelle began working in watercolor over 30 years ago, and over time added pastels and oils, which have become her two media of choice for plein air and studio painting.


Each medium provides a different opportunity to capture a subject and moment. The landscapes and buildings of her native France and Maine home inspire her, as do individual natural elements, plants, fruits and simple daily life vignettes. Light, alignment, vibrant color and simplicity catch her eye.


Joelle was selected as one of the artists in the 2015 Artists in Residence Program (AIR) at the Fruitlands Museum in Harvard, MA.

Contact information: joelle.feldman@gmail.com or through joellefeldman.blogspot.com