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2019 Cindy Crimmin 1-Day Workshop--FULL!

Waterfalls, brooks, surf, coastal rocks, eddy turns, rivulets, even sunlit drainage ditches: all offer pastelists a wonderful opportunity to explore layered colors, shapes and composition, three dimensional forms and wet/dry surfaces, and/or most importantly light and shadow that brings everything to life.  Starting with a discussion of composition and underpainting, this workshop will include a demo of painting New England waterfalls. Participants are encouraged to bring reference photos of any water or rock formation from which to work. Brief, smaller more targeted demos may be interspersed with plenty of time at the easel and a chance for painters to develop their own styles and to capitalize on their own voices, regardless of experience or level of expertise.


Date:   Saturday 16 November, 2019

Hours: 9:30am - 4:00pm

Venue: Grace Episcopal Church, 106 Lowell Street, Manchester, NH 03101.


Materials List


  • Sanded paper (Uart 400 is my preference but other textures will also work)

  • Painters tape and drawing board on which to mount work in progress

  • rubbing alcohol and small container

  • Soft 1”-2” brush for underpainting

  • 1/4” soft bristle (watercolor) brush for spray

  • Old tooth brush for spray

  • A variety of hard and soft pastels with at least a few rich darks and warm and cool lights

  • Sketchbook  and drawing pens or charcoal for notan/value drawings before painting


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Moving Water & Rocks -- Workshop is FULL--Wait List ONLY!

Roll of Thunder  by Cindy Crimmin 


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International Association of Pastel Societies

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Pastel Painters Society of Cape Cod (Signature Member)


Like most artists, I started drawing before I could write.  A little girl in love with everything pink, I first copied the ballerinas on my bedroom wallpaper.  Luckily, over the years, a few important teachers helped me find a more original voice.  In childhood, a school art teacher identified an early love and introduced me to world of texture and color that struck and important chord.  However, it was not until adulthood that I found my own inspiration. Again, it was the good fortune to find caring, thoughtful, skilled teachers that led me first to drawing monochromatic portraits, and later to painting in pastel.  Through the process, I realized that the act of painting has helped me to see and to appreciate the world around me more than I ever realized. I now specialize in portraits, landscapes and still life.  The light, texture and forms that draw me to landscapes and still life are enhanced in my portrait work by the gesture and sparkle that light the human face.