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2023 Anne Strutz 3-Day Workshop 

Marks in Motion

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Line, shape, pattern, light, values, form, color, technique. These are all elements of art we as artists study to improve our understanding of how to paint. How do we use these elements to capture the intention we want to convey and the interest of the viewer? Creating energy and motion in a painting, for me, requires the ability to respond to what is happening throughout the creative process, concept (sketch) to final work. Implementing the fundamental elements of art along with a healthy sense of adventure behind the easel is essential. Determining the underpainting technique is critical to my creative process. This sets the tone of the work, and approach to mark making for the piece. Fear has no place in my studio. When fear starts to stagnate my process, it is time to scratch the entire surface of the painting with various tools. No single mark is precious; all elements of the composition must work in unity. This process is critical for infusing energy into my work and allows me to respond directly to the piece as it evolves.


Join me for this three-day workshop to learn how to infuse paintings with energy and motion, be it fast, slow, loud, quiet. We will combine underpainting techniques, mark making with various tools, and the process of additive and subtractive painting. This will be a fast-paced workshop learning how to depart from “copying” a photograph to portraying the artists intent. The first two days will be a series of exercises working from provided photo references. The last day students will work from their own references to implement some of the techniques they have learned. Students can work from their own reference or use one that will be provided by the instructor


Dates: October 27, 28, 29, 2023 (Fri.Sat.Sun)

Hours: 9:30am – 4:30pm

Location: Kittery Community Center, 120 Rogers Rd, Kittery, ME 03904

Fee Structure:

PSNH Members $ 425 until October 14th, 2023

Non-members-$ 450

After October 14th, all registrants $450


All payments are via Paypal in the PSNH Store.


There will be a minimum of 12 and a maximum of 18 participants for this workshop.



  • Morning session: 9:30a - 12pm

  • Lunch: 12pm - 1pm

  • Afternoon session: 1pm - 4:30pm


  • Reference photographs: These can be landscapes or flowers. I will also have reference photos to share electronically. These will be sent ahead of class so that students can print them if they would like. Students can work from an iPad or print.

  • Selection of pastels. Be sure to include harder and softer pastels. Please have a range of values from dark to light, as well as neutrals.

  • Large backing board that can fit an 18x24 piece of paper

  • Tape: white or black

  • Drop cloth

  •  Paper towels

  • Cups for water/rubbing alcohol

  • Rubbing alcohol

  • Single edge razor blade

  • Inexpensive flat 1” and 3” paint brush to use for watercolor underpainting.

  •  Inexpensive small oil paint brush ¼” (This will get damaged when working)

  • 18x24 Newsprint paper

  • 3 sheets of sanded paper of choice no smaller than 12x18. Students can work large on the last day!! So, feel free to work as big as you like. Just make sure your backing board is large enough. You may decide to work on printmaking paper the last day after learning new techniques. I will have this paper for purchase at the workshop, therefore you can decide if you would like to work large in person. Feel free to bring you own if you like! Small tube water mixable oil paint, black and/or paynes gray



  • Smooth flat palette: You can use something you have. It will be for using with brayer and can also be used to mix watercolors.

  • Golden Pastel Ground:


  • Sketch book and what ever you are comfortable sketching with. Can be marker or pencils.

Anne Strutz, PSA, IAPS-MC


Anne Strutz is an artist in motion, pushing boundaries by infusing movement and energy into her paintings. For Anne painting begins with what you cannot see. She poses questions to herself before starting a painting, such as: “What is drawing me to this subject?” “What is the story I want to tell?” or “What am I trying to express in each painting?” No single mark is precious. No fear is allowed to enter the process behind the easel. All elements of the composition must work in unity. This process is critical for infusing energy into her work and allows her to respond directly to the piece as it evolves.


Anne’s journey as an artist has been a fulfilling adventure, leading her from fashion and textile designer in NYC, to a teacher developing art curricula for children in Philadelphia and Chicago. In 2013 Anne turned her focus to fine art. She was inspired by a pastel exhibition at the Noyse Museum of Art in Hammonton N.J. and began her journey with the pastel medium from there.


The tangible aspects of the medium, with the ability to draw, paint, layer, and combine with other mediums has led her on an energetic journey pushing the qualities of pastel in her work. Anne’s work has been featured in the Pastel Journal, Pratique Des Arts and Strokes of Genius and the 2022 IAPS Souvenir Book. She has written multiple articles for the Pastel Journal and Artist Magazine. Anne is the past president and workshop chair of the Piedmont Pastel Society. Anne currently serves on the IAPS Education Committee. In 2019 she participated in the Dueling Demonstration event at the IAPS convention. In 2022 Anne was invited to be one of the artists included in the IAPS Convention paint around, as well as conducting a demonstration “Marks in Motion”. She holds a BFA from the Rhode Island School of Design and currently lives in Charlotte, NC.



Cancellation Policy: Full refund if your slot can be filled from the wait list. If no replacement is found, on or within 30 days to the workshop, fees will be half refunded.  In the event an attendee has a documented medical emergency within 30 days before the workshop, the fee, less the $25.00 service charge will be applied towards a future PSNH workshop.  Should the workshop presenter or PSNH cancel, a full refund will be provided to attendees.


To apply the member discount,

  • Add the workshop to your cart.

  • Click View Cart 

  • Under the Items in your cart is a sale tag icon by the words "Enter Discount Code"

  • Click on the words and a box will appear to enter the Member Disc Code.

  • Click apply

  • The appropriate amount will be removed from the total.  

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